Savannah, GA


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Established in 1732 and planned by Oglethorpe, Savannah is a beautiful coastal city. Savannah is located on the Southeastern corner of Georgia and approximately 250,000 people populate the area. A culturally diverse city with a rich history of arts balanced with a lively touristy atmosphere, Savannah offers interesting entertainment for a variety of interests. Several colleges and universities, local museums and musical groups provide a wide range of possibilities for visitors and residents alike.


Tybee Island is a few miles from downtown Savannah. Tybee offers a busy summer place as well as the solitude of the winter beach. A busy port provides constant movement of shipping traffic through the harbor.   


A great walking city with an abundance of squares and plenty of green spaces, Savannah boasts interesting shops, restaurants and museums. Seasonal events provide entertainment year-round. The climate is mild and the winter short. During December, warm clothing will be needed. It is important, however, to know that our weather is very changeable, so a variety of clothing is wise.

First Presbyterian Church of Savannah enjoys using its adjoining Imlay House to provide comfortable housing for our guests. This house is fully furnished with three bedrooms and two baths. A full kitchen gives opportunities for meal preparation, if desired.

Some members of the congregation will be offering their hospitality with dinner invitations, sightseeing trips and time to include our international visitors in family Christmas celebrations.  


Program Size:  4
Program Type:  Group Stay
Accommodations:  Single Students (Female)  
Clothing Suggestions:  Comfortable and casual
Suggested Cash:  Personal expenses
Program Dates:  To be decided

Stay Options:  One Week Only (Week Two) 
Airport:  Savannah
Train Depot:  AMTRAK - Savannah
Bus Depot:  Greyhound Bus Lines - Savannah
Driving Directions:  Upon request
Weather Forecast: Mild
Local Attractions: Historic District, River Street, Tybee Beach


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